Monday, June 1, 2009

Blog #3: "TALES from the FLIP"

"TALES from the FLIP"

In effort to bring up to date behind the scenes footage to the world much more quickly I (Masai Turner) decided to start 'TALES from the FLIP". It's a nice play on words for one of our newest gadgets ...the "Flip" camera. We usually have a bunch of video cameras and a video crew around us, but I figured this would give all of the people that watch us out there a much closer, personal look into what really goes on behind the scenes. Plus it will let me put footage up online much more quickly.

Episode #1
Like most great to decent performance bands...We are constantly trying to capture the raw energy and personality of our live show into our written music. It's at Sound Check that we come up with some of our best stuff. Unfortunately, because we perform a lot... we struggle to keep the same excitement and energy in a song that we've performed the same way 100 times. To get thru this... Many times at Sound Check we'll remix a song on the spot and perform it that way on stage the same night. The above video is one of those examples. We now have several versions of "You Already Know", but I like how spontaneous this version was.

When I got back to the hotel after Sound Check I was actually trying to watch some of the video so that I could hear the newest remix of "You Already Know" and I saw how many people were actually working while we were playing at the same time. We travel with a road crew of usually no less than 6 people, plus 6 band members. let's call it a Pittsburgh dozen. They work hard for hours before the band even arrives at the venue just so that we can get to a point the we can Sound Check. There are usually another 10 to 15 people working on making sure that when our road crew arrives that they can set up our equipment and get us ready. Staging, lights, sound, security, hospitality, box office, etc. Big-Up to everyone who makes the show happen Behind the Scenes...Stay tuned for future episodes of "TALES from the FLIP".

After I bought the original FLIP I found out that there was a HD version with rechargable batteries. Nash went out and bought it a couple of days later without even giving me credit for paving the way. NO PROPS! Sorry about the quality on this one...expect huge improvements moving forward.

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