Tuesday, April 14, 2009


(We're not rude, we'll introduce ourselves later)

...so in a world where the majority of communication is done online... Formula412 got the false sense that having a Myspace page, then a Facebook page, then a Twitter meant that we were communicating who we really were and what we were about out to the world. WRONG! I took a few minutes to read over the messages, bulletins, and updates that we have sent out over the past year and I came to an awful realization: "OH NO! We only promote shows and our music thru those sites!" For a band like ours, the movement that our music has become and the journey that we take that movement on is equally important as the destinations that we reach with both. It seems that over the past couple of years we only have been making our supporters and haters aware of the destinations that we've reached. THIS BLOG IS FOR THE JOURNEY!

No disrespect to our ultra cool and laid back promotional efforts via the aforementioned social networking sites. We have gotten the word out that "Formula412 is Here" in a way that I believe is unparalleled comparing apples to apples. The problem is that the way that those sites are formatted and viewed doesn't allow us to "share" a time line and the steps necessary for growth and evolution. If used properly... this will be a historic log of Formula412 for a person that first hears about us in 2013. They'll be able to go back to April 2009 and read what steps we took to rise above and beyond our expectations (or what designer drugs we took to under perform and crash and burn to our demise).

Those that have been around us or seen us in action know that we travel with a documentary crew (usually always a video and photo camera). We have literally thousands of hours of video and thousands of pictures as well. What we've done in the past is cherry picked the best images or the coolest video and let the public see us at our best. In retrospect I think that this perspective is limited. I was digitizing one of our worst rehearsals the other day from a min-dv tape to Final Cut and I realized..."If cats knew how low we were at some points in our journey in the past...they would appreciate seeing us rock an arena or festival a lot more in the present and future." From today forward...expect a much more realistic and "Uncut Raw" version of Formula412 to be available for those interested people online. I'm sure for the industry folks...there still will be some polished flashy stuff that their minds can digest easily.

I'm not really sure how long these blogs are supposed to be...but my PINKY hurts (more on this later) so I'm going to wrap it up. We don't even have anyone aware of this blog yet. Expect over the next few weeks for it to be more of a catch you up to what we've been doing for the last couple of years...As we get close to the middle of may...expect the real present and real future.

Masai Turner
aka "The Front Man Behind The Scenes"
aka Formula412 Emcee

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